Tings Composer

Tings composer is designed for the “DIY Music Box Kit” sold on many online stores. Many people who purchase this toy find that making mistakes on these music sheets is like dropping a stitch or cutting the wrong wire! This is here to make everything a lot easier.

Basically it is an application that allows you to write simple music box songs that you can later transfer to the actual sheets that come with the Music Box kit. The interface is pretty self explanatory and you’ll find yourself writing song after song once you get a hang of it.

Tings in Action

Although this is made for the DIY music box kit, you can still use this if you don’t have one just for the fun of it. It may possibly drive you to want to buy one!

Please donate in order to get the software: DONATE HERE

You can donate any amount that you want. I will be setting up IPN to instantly deliver the application, but in the mean time I will send you the program via email upon receiving your donation.
The reason I am doing this is I need to make some extra cash to buy my friends and family Christmas gifts.

To install follow these directions:

  1. Download a rar decompression program like WinRar or 7Zip
  2. Extract “Tings.rar” to a folder
  3. Run Tings.exe

If you find this software to be INCREDIBLY AWESOME and helpful, please don’t hesitate to send a donation as a gift to me at paypal. My paypal id is: Ikewin32@gmail.com